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01/22/2016 Seafarer is currently recruiting its team for construction, training and maritime security projects in Haiti and Nigeria.
01/15/2016 Seafarer was invited to bid the USAID Security Contract in Kenya which assists implementing NGO efforts throughout the country.
10/15/2015 In preparation for maritime HAZMAT consulting for the Port of Togo, West Africa, Seafarer Senior Management was certified in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) by JLN Associates.
09/12/2015 Seafarer completed Phase One Quality Control Management (QCM) Services for Burlington Engineering on their US Naval Shipyard Construction Project in Kittery ME.
09/10/2015 Seafarer participated in the Security Usefulness Analysis Project funded by DOD for the transfer of technology to the UN.
08/01/2015 Conducted off-site Security Analysis in East Africa for USAID Kenya’s NGO Implementing Partners and Field Activities.
05/01/2015 Seafarer is providing Quality Control Management (QCM) Services to Burlington Engineering for their US Naval Shipyard Construction Projects.
04/30/2015 Seafarer is meeting with Protect the People (PTP) to discuss supporting their service projects in Africa and Asia.
04/10/2015 Seafarer Senior Management has been qualified by the US Army Corps of Engineers to perform Contractor Quality Control Management on US Government Projects.
03/10/2015 After presentations in Dar-es-Salaam, Seafarer has been asked by Senior Tanzanian Government Ministers to provide ongoing Transportation Consulting Services for future Port Projects.
02/07/2015 The Seafarer Engineering Team is providing Geotechnical cost estimates for the proposed Dangote cement berth in Mtwara and Kisiwa, Tanzania.
01/01/2015 Seafarer CEO concluded his Corporate Council of Africa Business Development Visit with meeting with the newly elected President of Kenya and Senior Tanzanian Ministers.
11/05/2014 Seafarer has teamed with ADS to bid for Security Training and Professional Services for AFRICAP.
09/30/2014 Seafarer is teamed with Triple Canopy to provide expeditionary construction design and management services for overseas US Government CN> Program.
06/10/2014 Seafarer has teamed with DRC to provide Coal Ash Clean Up and Disposal Services to Duke Energy in North Carolina and potentially marketing byproducts overseas.
05/25/2014 Concomitant with Security Projects, we have been asked to provide Expeditionary Construction Management Support for a proposed Oil Infrastructure Construction Effort also in Southwest Asia.
05/10/2014 Seafarer has been asked to develop Security Consulting and Field Security Teams for the Oil Industry in South West Asia.
04/20/2014 Seafarer has just concluded a Business Development Tour of Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia sponsored by the Corporate Council on Africa.
04/15/2014 Seafarer CEO Wayne Long recently met with the Presidents of Kenya and Ethiopia to discuss future Security, Expeditionary Logistics and Construction Projects.
03/12/2014 Seafarer has assembled an outstanding Design-Build Team in West Africa to compete for Horizontal Construction Projects for remote Camps in Mali to service major Global Organizations.
01/15/2014 Triple Canopy continues to use Seafarer as their teaming partner for CNTPO Construction Projects in Africa.
11/05/2013 Northrop Grumman officially presented Seafarer the 2013 Information Systems Top Supplier Excellence Awarded for its highly successful Business Development and Marine Construction Project for AFRICOM and the Senegal Navy in Elinkine at the Annual Awards Banquet in Washington.
11/01/2013 Streit USA and Seafarer continue to maintain their strong alliance to provide Armored Vehicles, Mechanic Service Training, Driver Training, and Logistics and Maintenance Support for Armored Vehicle Projects in Africa.
10/30/2013 Seafarer invited to speak in Washington on Maritime Security Issues by the Corporate Council of Africa February Forum, and to offer suggestions for sustainable Public-Private Security Solutions for the Maritime Commons.
10/20/2013 The Senegal Navy officially recognized the outstanding contribution that recent Seafarer Realistic, Full Mission Maritime Security Training has made to their operational tempo, safety and security. The Seafarer Team will continue to offer Area Specific and Appropriate Mission Maritime Security Training as a Core Competency.
10/16/2013 Seafarer has implemented new initiatives to perform needed Market Analysis for Products and Public-Private Initiatives in West Africa. We will continue to offer Construction, Security Training, Logistics Support, and Maritime Training in East and West Africa
10/15/2013 We welcome Deborah Owens, a highly accomplished former United Nations Senior Manager with exceptional overseas operational experience in support of complex Peacekeeping, Political, Electoral, and Humanitarian Emergency Missions in Somalia, Rwanda, Sudan, and Libya to the Seafarer Advisory Board.
10/11/2013 Seafarer continues its strong advocacy for a West Africa Maritime Academy at the Corporate Council of Africa Annual Business Development Forum in Chicago as a Public-Private Partnership to standardize the Training, Certification and Coordination of Maritime Security issues of West Africa.
10/10/2013 V.P. Symasko of SEAFARER participates in Corp. Council in Africa PORT SECURITY seminar. Read more...
10/09/2013 Seafarer was an invited Speaker on Port Security at the Annual Corporate Council of Africa Business Development Conference in Chicago. Seafarer Partners and Board members continue to be recognized for their Maritime Security Expertise and Practical Solutions.
09/15/2013 Seafarer is most pleased to welcome Jean Nihoul to our Advisory Board. With his over twenty five years of Construction Management, Engineering, and Business Experience in multi-national environments, we will be even better prepared for Construction Management in West Africa.
08/15/2013 Seafarer continues to support the African Green Initiative United Nations Global Compact with interest in Rural Solar Photovoltaic and Clean Water Projects in East and West Africa.
07/10//2013 We welcome Ousman Sallah, retired, distinguished, former Member of The Gambian Diplomatic Service with Minister Rank with leadership postings to the United Nations, The United States and Saudi Arabia. Chief Executive Officer of Dandimayo Enterprises as the Senior Director of Business Development for Seafarer Senegal in West Africa.
06/11/2013 Northrop Grumman has honored Seafarer with its 2013 Information Systems Top Supplier Excellence Awarded for its highly successful Business Development and Marine Construction Project for AFRICOM and the Senegal Navy in Elinkine. This Award will be presented at the Annual Awards Banquet held on 5 December 2013.
06/05//2013 Seafarer has taken the lead, teaming with Streit USA, International Close Protection Drivers, and the Glen Edmunds Performance Drivers School to bid the largest Global Contract providing Armour Vehicles and Ambulances, Maintenance Parts and Service, and Tactical Driver Training worldwide.
05/30/2013 Triple Canopy and Seafarer have teamed to pursue Advanced Tactical Training and Special Operations Facility Construction Projects for AFRICOM in West Africa. We will use LAS and Gaudillat Engineering in Dakar to support this effort.
05/25/2013 Northrop Grumman Technical Services Division has nominated Seafarer as their best Contractor for its outstanding performance completing their CNTPO Project in Africa for AFRICOM and the Senegal Navy.
05/20/ 2013 Seafarer is awaiting the Notice of Award decision for its Bid to construct Blast Resistant Perimeter Security Protection for UN Facilities in Mogadishu teaming with Kenyan Engineers and Somali Contractors.
05/15/2013 Seafarer will retain its African Regional Office in Dakar to pursue additional Consulting, Risk Analysis Services, Advanced Training, Product Sales and Construction Management opportunities in West Africa.
05/10/2013 Seafarer is proud to welcome retired Army Brigadier General Joe Stringham as our new Advisory Board Chairman. He will replace Major General Bill Garrison who served his four year term with distinction and now departs to pursue his own venture capital endeavors.
04/30/2013 05/10/2013 Seafarer has joined the Corporate Council on Africa and will attend the 9th Biennial US-Africa Business Summit in Chicago on 8-11 October 2013.Join Corporate Council of Africa we will continue to encourage Public-Private Partnerships in Africa.
04/30/2013 Seafarer has successfully completed our multi-million dollar Northrop Grumman Marine Infrastructure Construction Project for AFRICOM and the Senegal Navy in West Africa with an improved Design, on time and precisely on budget.
04/15/2013 Seafarer has been invited to bid on an NGO sponsored Program to provide Security Officers in Chad. Notice of Award is expected mid –summer.
04/02/2013 Seafarer is privileged to announce that distinguished Philadelphia Corporate Attorney Bruce T. Royal, Esq. will join our Advisory Board counseling on International Growth, Overseas Corporate Taxation, and Cross Border Financing.
04/01/2013 Seafarer is honored to welcome Betsy E. Royal as one of our Partners. She brings a highly recognized record of Senior Corporate Management and Achievement, and will replace Arthur T. Hutchins who will remain with us as the Deputy Chair of the Advisory Board after four years of distinguished service to the Company.
04/01/2013 We are very proud to have retired Gambian Diplomat with Minister Status, Ousman Sallah, join Seafarer as our Senior Director for Business Development for West Africa.
02/25/2013 Northrop Grumman has been authorized an increased Scope of Work for the Seafarer Marine Infrastructure Construction Project for the Senegal Navy in Elinkine to include waterfront Electrical Distribution, Solar Navigation, and Solar Area/Security Lighting.
11/22/2012 Overcoming un-seasonally, late heavy African Rains, the Seafarer Team has completed the second Milestone for their multi-million dollar Senegal Navy Expansion for AFRICOM in Cassamance.
11/21/2012 Seafarer is now registered as an authorized bidder to provide goods and services to the United Nations.
11/15/2012 Streit International, an industry leader, has selected Seafarer International Senegal , SARL to expand the market for their customized Armored Automobiles and Protected Military Utility Vehicles in West Africa.
11/05/2012 Dunn & Bradstreet has updated the Seafarer Registry to include our multi- million dollar Expeditionary Logistics and Construction Management project in West Africa.
10/15/2012 Seafarer is now an authorized exporter of Expeditionary Meals to Militaries, NGOs, and private Businesses in Africa and the Middle East.
09/10/2012 Seafarer has been selected and registered to provide goods and services to the government of the Republic of Ireland and the Ministry of Defense.
08/01/2012 Betsy Royal, long prominent in the marine product development field, will serve as Seafarer Senior Business Development and Product Research Officer.
06/30/2012 Bureau Gaudillat, a prominent full service Senegal Engineering company in Dakar, has been selected as Seafarer's primary Marine Engineering and Design firm in West Africa.
05/30/2012 Seafarer has been awarded the Design and Expeditionary Construction Management contract for the multi-million dollar Senegal Navy Expansion Project in Cassamance.
05/10/2012 Former distinguished African Diplomat, A. Tijan Sallah, has been appointed West African Regional Director for Seafarer International Senegal and will head the Dakar Office.
05/05/2012 Seafarer International Senegal SARL has been formally registered in Dakar, Senegal as a risk analysis, security services, construction management and expeditionary logistics provider.
05/01/2012 Bobby E. Long, a recognized electronic communication security consultant, will now serve as Cyber Security Officer for Seafarer and Seafarer Senegal.
04/10/2012 Seafarer is pleased to announce that Laura M. Long, a noted website design consultant, will now serve as our Chief Information Officer.
04/20/12 Seafarer teams with Dandimayo Enterprises in Dakar to develop joint business opportunities in West Africa.
01/25/2012 Seafarer teams with RMI to train UN Troops in Maritime Operations in Mogadishu, Somalia for AMISOM.
01/18/2012 Advisory Board member Captain Jim Staples appeared on CNN to discuss the Costa Concordia grounding.
01/01/2012 Seafarer offers Overseas Construction Supervision and Quality Assurance Control Services to Contractors working in remote and challenging locations.
12/22/2011 Henry Cygan, globally recognized Ocean Engineer and Senior Executive, has joined the Advisory Board where he will continue to develop Seafarer's Maritime Construction Consulting Services.
12/01/2011 Ahmad Tijan Sallah joins the Seafarer Advisory Board where he will assist in developing West African projects from Banjul and Dakar.
11/17/2011 Seaferer invited to speak along with Spectrum at the Chamber of Shipping of America in Washington, DC.
10/25/2011 Ocean River and Seafarer team to establish a Maritime Training Institute to better train Armed Ship Security Teams in response to new IMO guidelines.
07/12/2011 Seafarer teams with Advanced Protective Services of Kennesaw, Georgia to support its new African Security and Investigation Office.
09/15/2011 Seafarer welcomes Simon Bell, Senior Executive with Bahari, UK to its Advisory Board of Directors.
09/10/2011 Seafarer advises on second Ship Hostage Negotiation and Funds Drlivery with Ocean River.
06/24/2011 Seafarer begins meeting with US Senators and Staffers to discuss their new Anti-Piracy Initiatives including Training, Assessments and Certifications.
06/15/2011 Michael G. Frodl. Esq, Chief Executuve Officer of C-Level Maritime Risks joins the Seafarer Board of Directors to develop Anti-Piracy Initiatives.
05/20/2011 Seafarer offers full Hostage Negotiation and Secure Funds Delivery Services for the Indian Ocean with Spectrum Group.
05/15/2011 Spectrum Group teams with Seafarer to provide enhanced Marine Insurance with Vessel Security Assessments to the Maritime Industry.
04/15/2011 Ocean River LLC joins with Seafarer to offer worldwide Vessel Extraction Services to shipowners in the Indian Ocean.
04/10/2011 Seafarer now provides former government certified, Somali Linguists and Interpreters to the Maritime Industry.
04/09/2011 Seafarer jointly conducts Senior Management Training Exercise for Stena Marine, Concordia Shipping and NMM in Glasgow.
04/05/2011 Seafarer designated to provide Senior Corporate Management Training and Shipboard Security Training for UK client worldwide.
04/01/2011 Seafarer now offers in-house, Exercise Video Filming capability to support Shipboard Security Training Exercises.
03/11/2011 C-Level Maritime Risks and Seafarer enter discussions to develop solution to Global Luxury Yacht Security Threat.
02/25/2011 Paladin Security Group designates Seafarer as their primary Maritime Security Advisors and Trainers for their New York Facility.
02/05/2011 Seafarer, Ocean River, and APS team to develop standardized training curriculum for deployed Shipboard Security Teams.
01/11/2011 Captain James Staples joins Seafarer International's Senior Advisory Board.



SEAFARER is an American-Registered Consulting Company with Overseas Offices and Extended Capabilities providing maritime security, risk analysis, business intelligence, contingency logistics, construction management, training and crisis response in Africa, Asia, and Mideast. SEAFARER’s Services will be the most valuable to clients from the following security conscious commercial and government sectors.

Shipping Finance Logistics Human Aid Development
Communications Infrastructure Resource Extraction Foreign Training Remote Construction


Our Principals, Advisors and Associates are SEAFARER’s greatest resource. All have proven global Special Operations, Intelligence, Management and Risk Analysis experience. Most importantly, we know the ground and the littoral, and we are deployable immediately worldwide.