Seafarer International, LLC


Seafarer is now offering comprehensive Anti-Piracy Services including Armed and Unarmed Embarked Security Teams to protect client ships sailing the High Risk waters off Africa and Southwest Asia. Our Security Teams are comprised of former U.S. Coast Guardsmen, U.S. Navy SEALS, Special Operations Force Veterans, and Trained Merchant Mariners. All personnel are mature, seasoned and committed to a Defensive Role subject to governing International and Maritime Law. All have extensive vessel boarding, search and seizure and Merchant Mariner experience, again, with an amphasis on Maritime Law Enforcement. Our teams know both Military and Merchant ships, shipboard operations and procedures, and best maritime ship practices. Most teams will have six members which we consider the optimum size, and all are cross trained to perform complimentary functions. Nothing will be sacrificed to safeguard your most valuable assets of crew, cargo and vessel. (See Maritime)