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01/22/2016 Seafarer is currently recruiting its team for construction, training and maritime security projects in Haiti and Nigeria.
01/15/2016 Seafarer was invited to bid the USAID Security Contract in Kenya which assists implementing NGO efforts throughout the country.
10/15/2015 In preparation for maritime HAZMAT consulting for the Port of Togo, West Africa, Seafarer Senior Management was certified in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) by JLN Associates.
09/12/2015 Seafarer completed Phase One Quality Control Management (QCM) Services for Burlington Engineering on their US Naval Shipyard Construction Project in Kittery ME.
09/10/2015 Seafarer participated in the Security Usefulness Analysis Project funded by DOD for the transfer of technology to the UN.
08/01/2015 Conducted off-site Security Analysis in East Africa for USAID Kenya’s NGO Implementing Partners and Field Activities.
05/01/2015 Seafarer is providing Quality Control Management (QCM) Services to Burlington Engineering for their US Naval Shipyard Construction Projects.
04/30/2015 Seafarer is meeting with Protect the People (PTP) to discuss supporting their service projects in Africa and Asia.
04/10/2015 Seafarer Senior Management has been qualified by the US Army Corps of Engineers to perform Contractor Quality Control Management on US Government Projects.
03/10/2015 After presentations in Dar-es-Salaam, Seafarer has been asked by Senior Tanzanian Government Ministers to provide ongoing Transportation Consulting Services for future Port Projects.
02/07/2015 The Seafarer Engineering Team is providing Geotechnical cost estimates for the proposed Dangote cement berth in Mtwara and Kisiwa, Tanzania.
01/01/2015 Seafarer CEO concluded his Corporate Council of Africa Business Development Visit with meeting with the newly elected President of Kenya and Senior Tanzanian Ministers.
11/05/2014 Seafarer has teamed with ADS to bid for Security Training and Professional Services for AFRICAP.
09/30/2014 Seafarer is teamed with Triple Canopy to provide expeditionary construction design and management services for overseas US Government CN> Program.
06/10/2014 Seafarer has teamed with DRC to provide Coal Ash Clean Up and Disposal Services to Duke Energy in North Carolina and potentially marketing byproducts overseas.
05/25/2014 Concomitant with Security Projects, we have been asked to provide Expeditionary Construction Management Support for a proposed Oil Infrastructure Construction Effort also in Southwest Asia.
05/10/2014 Seafarer has been asked to develop Security Consulting and Field Security Teams for the Oil Industry in South West Asia.
04/20/2014 Seafarer has just concluded a Business Development Tour of Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia sponsored by the Corporate Council on Africa.
04/15/2014 Seafarer CEO Wayne Long recently met with the Presidents of Kenya and Ethiopia to discuss future Security, Expeditionary Logistics and Construction Projects.
03/12/2014 Seafarer has assembled an outstanding Design-Build Team in West Africa to compete for Horizontal Construction Projects for remote Camps in Mali to service major Global Organizations.
01/15/2014 Triple Canopy continues to use Seafarer as their teaming partner for CNTPO Construction Projects in Africa.

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SEAFARER is an American-Registered Consulting Company with Overseas Offices and Extended Capabilities providing maritime security, risk analysis, business intelligence, contingency logistics, construction management, training and crisis response in Africa, Asia, and Mideast. SEAFARER’s Services will be the most valuable to clients from the following security conscious commercial and government sectors.

Shipping Finance Logistics Human Aid Development
Communications Infrastructure Resource Extraction Foreign Training Remote Construction


Our Principals, Advisors and Associates are SEAFARER’s greatest resource. All have proven global Special Operations, Intelligence, Management and Risk Analysis experience. Most importantly, we know the ground and the littoral, and we are deployable immediately worldwide.