Seafarer International, LLC


SEAFARER is an American owned and registered Security Consulting Company specializing in security services for the maritime sector worldwide. We have recently opened a Maritime Protection Division managed by retired senior Maritime Special Operations and Coast Guard veterans for the long term purpose of expanding into a neglected global sector of need. We protect your investment.

The Associated Press states that "the coalition already patrolling off Africa, cannot effectively patrol the 2.5 million square miles of dangerous water". SEAFARER Defensive Tactics primarily utilize former Navy and Coast Guard security team members who know the region. With over 120 years of total senior management and leadership experience, SEAFARER has a solution for shipping lines and insurance underwriters. All services comply with current ISPS codes and requirements, as well as the latest IMO Guidelines.

  • Anti-Piracy Services
  • Onboard Security Teams
  • Port Security Assessments
  • Threat Assignments
  • Onboard Readiness Training
  • Corporate Crisis Training
  • Senior Management Instruction
  • Ship Security Assessments
  • Insurance Security Asessments
  • Shipboard Security Audits
  • Shipboard Security Plans
  • Inshore Channel and Riverine Security
  • Vessel Extraction Services

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