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Peter W. Symasko
Managing Partner

Retired US Navy Captain, Special Operations Officer and Ship Qualified Officer of the Deck. Graduate of the US Navy Deep Sea Diving and Salvage School with extensive Diving, Salvage, Harbor Clearance, Ocean Towing and Underwater Demolition Operations. Former Commander of SEAL Team 2 Detachment 201 and a Certified Navy Explosive Ordnance Safety Inspector. Now award winning Architect with a Masters of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and as a former Senior Architect for Arabian Bechtel Ltd. in Jubayl has extensive travel in Mideast, Asia and Africa. Former Visiting Adjunct Professor of Strategy at the Naval War College in Newport and a Lecturer on Shipwrecks, Maritime Security and Piracy.

Wayne E. Long

Retired Colonel U.S. Army Special Forces. Former Intelligence Officer, Staff Officer, Battalion and Special Forces Commander with twenty nine years of distinguished Military and Intelligence Service. Director of Business Development for Beta Analytics International and Vice President of Business Development with D&D Aviation, Kenya with Executive authority in subsidiary Trackmark Aviation, Nairobi. Nine years as Chief United Nations Security Advisor Somalia and former Chief Consultant to Undersecretary General of the United Nations for Security Operations at United Nations Headquarters in New York. UK Trained, Certified and Successfully Proven Hostage Incident Manager and Negotiator on the African Continent.

Betsy E. Royal

Highly seasoned, Senior Corporate Leader with strongest business development and product sales experience. A graduate of Fordham University, her successful leadership of a small sporting goods design, development and manufacturing business led to the North American divisional management for the HEAD brands diving division comprising Mares, Dacor and Sporasub where she managed the delivery, design, sourcing and costing of all domestic and imported products and personally spearheaded the highly successful and absolutely essential transition to online commerce with an eye for client satisfaction. Later moving to consumer recreational products she built market share for the Body Glove brand in Canada and Mexico as well as managed customer service operations for key accounts like Costco and The Sports Authority. Her proven Global product distribution and marketing experience will ensure that Seafarer will seamlessly expand into product research, development and sales providing clients and customers the services they need in this ever changing climate.

SEAFARER Board Of Advisors

Joe Stringham

Retired Highly Decorated and Distinguished US Army Brigadier General, West Point Graduate, US Army Ranger Regiment Commander, Army Foreign Area Expert, Vietnam War Veteran Mike Force Commander, Leader of the Airport Takedown in Operation Just Cause, Assistant Division Commander for Operations during Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield, and Graduate with an Advanced Degree from the US Army War College. Retired in 1993, he is a successful Farmer and sits on several Commercial Boards, as well the Special Operations Warrior Fund Board, respected and valued by all for his strongest, demonstrated Leadership Qualities and Seasoned Advice.

Arthur T. Hutchins

Retired, Highly Decorated, Distinguished Special Forces Soldier with Global Special Operations experience and Command Sergeant Major of a Classified Special Forces Unit. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Beta Analytics International, which provided Service and Consulting Guidance on the largest Domestic and Global Government contracts, including the Worldwide $52 Million State Department Security Contract. MBA University of Maryland.

Larry W. Bailey

Retired Captain , US Navy SEAL Officer and now CEO of Advanced Maritime Technology Development Inc.

Simon Bell

Former Distinguished British Army Officer with extensive Senior Executive Experience in London's Financial District as well as overseas, onsite Construction Management Services in East Africa. Now Managing Partner of Bahari LTD. London.

Deborah A. Bolton

Retired Senior Foreign Service Office, Minister Counselor Rank. Former Director for Security and Peacekeeping.

Howard H. Crooks

Retired US Fleet Marine residing in Kenya. Founder and CEO of largest Private African Security Company.

Stephen F. Davis
Chief Financial Advisor

Former U.S. Army Military Intelligence Security Specialist and past Senior Vice President and Director of Commercial Factoring for the Bank of Boston. Now founder and Design Engineer of Davis RF Co., a high-tech telecommunications cabling company.

Timothy J. Farrow

Former US Army Officer. CEO of Advanced Protective Services serving high profile corporate or government clients. Licensed , Bonded Private Investigator.

Michael G. Frodl, Esq.

Corporate Lawyer licensed to practice Law in New york and Washington, DC. Co-Founder of the Forum for Environmental Law, Science. Engineering and finance. Now, Creator and Chief Executive Officer of C-Level maritime Risks which advises Underwwriters, Shipowners, Shippers, Seafarers and Maritime Security Firms as well as Governments, their Militaries and Coast Guards globally.

G. Curtis Gibby

Former US Navy SEAL Officer, Commander of SEAL Task Group in Vietnam, Naval Engineer and current CEO of GCG Consulting serving the worldwide Marine Petrochemical Industry from Houston.

Eric E. Hahn

Retired Boston Police Lieutenant , City of Boston Harbormaster, Commander of Dive Team, Bomb Squad, and Special Operations . Now Security Consultant.

Wade Y. Ishimoto

Retired US Army Special Forces and Operational Detachment Delta Officer. Former Senior Executive (SES) to US Navy Force Protection Office Washington DC..

Douglas Lewallen

Distinguished, US Coast Guardman with extensive Project Management experience for US firms in Africa, Southwest Asia and Mideast. Former COO for largest western Security Vehicle Manufacturer in region. Now Seafarer Senior Project Manager with heralded leadership success in West Africa.

Brian S. Mead, Esq.

Former decorated US Army Special Forces Officer, Entrepreneur, Practicing Attorney in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and Chief Corporate Counsel. Doctor of Law from the University of Connecticut.

John Nihoul

Over twenty five years of extensive expertise in Construction Management, Cost/Benefit Analysis and Cost Tracking. Widely traveled and highly effective in cross-cultural and multi-national environments. Fluent in English, French, Dutch and spoken German as a Graduate of the University of Belgium, Brussels, Solvay Graduate School of Business and Engineering.

Deborah Owens

Highly accomplished former United Nations Senior Manager with exceptional overseas operational experience in support of complex Peacekeeping, Political, Electoral, and Humanitarian Emergency Missions in Somalia, Rwanda, Sudan, Libya, Italy, Fiji, and New York. Backstopped Political and Peace Negotiations in Somalia, Dayton, Bonn, South Sudan, and Darfur. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of North Carolina and a Summer Graduate of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, has held extensive Senior Management Positions in Crisis Response and Remediation Operations for Disaster Relief with the American Red Cross and Global NGOs.

Bruce T. Royal, Esq.
Assistant General Counsel
Acting Finance Officer

Member of the Law Firm of Petriello & Royal, with extensive experience in commercial transactions, including international business structures, corporate and international taxation and cross border financing. Earning his L.L.M. in taxation from Georgetown University Law Center, Mr. Royal honed his international business and technical skills as tax counsel for R J Reynolds Industries and Marriott Corporation in the Asia Pacific. Subsequently advised numerous businesses and corporations in complex tax matters, large commercial transactions and finance matters while managing litigation in Federal and State Courts on behalf of his diverse clientele.

Ahmad Tijan Sallah

Retired, distinguished, former Member of The Gambian Diplomatic Service with Ambassador Rank and extensive independent business consulting experience residing in Dakar, Senegal and Banjul, The Gambia. Current Managing Director of Seafarer Senegal registered in Dakar.

Ousman Sallah

Retired, distinguished, former Member of The Gambian Diplomatic Service with Minister Rank with leadership postings to the United Nations, The United States and Saudi Arabia. Chief Executive Officer of Dandimayo Enterprises and Senior Director of Business Development for Seafarer Senegal in West Africa.

Captain James K. Staples

Managing Director of Ocean River LLC and Merchant Captain with eighth edition Unlimited Tonnage Master License to command Ro-Ro, Break Bulk and Container vessels. Graduate of Massachusetts Maritime Academy with Bachelor's Degree in Marine Transportation. Consults as Expert Witness and Recognized Authority in Admiralty and Civil Court.

Jim Sullivan

Jim is currently a Partner with Beacon Equity Partners. Former Partner with JLS Capital Management, LLC which is an investment adviser consisting of certain key members previously with the corporate debt investment team of Blackstone. He is a former Managing Director at Lincoln Vale LLC, a US/European multi-product alternative asset firm. Jim currently serves on the board of several private technology and security companies. Jim received his B. A. in Government from Miami University.

Coulter B. Tillett
Senior Logistics Officer

Retired Lieutenant Colonel United States marine Corps. Company and Battalion Logistics Staff Officer and Senior United Nations Logistics expert having supplied UN efforts in Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kosovo and Iraq.

Michael J. Walsh

Retired US Navy SEAL Officer with extensive Mideast Service. Published Author, Lecturer and Security Advisor. Masters Degree in Homeland Security and prospective Ph.D candidate.

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