Seafarer International, LLC

SEAFARER Crisis Response

Protecting your valuable investment is our purpose, and maritime safety and security our primary endeavor. Piracy off the shores of Africa has progressed from the littoral to the high seas. It is a multi billion dollar business controlled by organized crime and local warlords. Although we are a global maritime security consulting company, we know Africa first and foremost. Our maritime protection division, managed by retired senior maritime Special Operations and Coast Guard veterans, also has a demonstrated capability to respond to maritime crisis as piracy spreads. In the field , our hostage negotiating team is led by a Scotland Yard trained and qualified Hostage Negotiator who has successfully conducted fourteen releases on land and off the coast of Somalia.

  • Senior Corporate Maritime and Continental Management Consulting
  • Corporate Maritime and Continental Crisis Management Exercises
  • Hostage Negotiation Advice and Direct Assistance
  • Confidential Secure Fund Deliveries
  • Senior Management Training
  • Command Center and Corporate Advisors
  • Corporate Crisis Training
  • Crisis Management
  • Vessel Extraction
  • Local Language Experts
  • Transliteration and Interpretation
  • Air Operations Planning and Rigging
  • Command Pilots and Aircrew

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